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​​Our classrooms are alive with laughter and learning. We strive to create engaging classroom environments, with lessons designed with students’ interests in mind.

​Principal​S. Jacklin
​Vice Principal​​L. Stewart
​KindergartenV. Vandermeer/A. Lombardi
​KindergartenD. McDowell/M. Roberts
KindergartenA. Athanasiou/M. Giangregorio
​Kindergarten​M. Nelles/H. Fawcett
J. Hill/K. Centracchio
​P. Wilson/A. Cook
J. Cap/K. Buckley
Grade 1M. Ross
Grade 1​​J. Walsh
Grade 1
N. Davis
Grade 1
K. Staden
​Grade 2A. McQuade
​Grade 2
​M. Makinde
​Grade 2
​T. Burgess
​Grade 2/3U. Ekong
​Grade 3                                 
​M. Rapin
​Grade 3
​K. Best
​Grade 3
​J. Prokopec
​Grade 3/4
​J. McCague
​Grade 4
​K. Stephenson
​Grade 4/5              
K. Wallace
​Grade 4/5
​​C. Dollin
​Grade 5
​L. Kelly
​Grade 5/6
​B. Fisher
​Grade 6B. Rose
​Grade 6/7
P. Hall
​Grade 7/8
​M. Battaglia
​Grade 7/8​N. Graham
Grade 7/8​​D.Trafford
​Grade 7/8
​T. Clark
​​E. McNab
​FSL​C. Chitaroni
Planning Time​ (Primary)
​A. Van Luven
Planning Time (Primary)
K. Pogar
​Planning Time (Primary)
​J. Shane
​Planning Time (Music)
​C. Rapin
​Planning Time (Primary)
​C. Warner
​Teacher Librarian​J. Maltby
​B. Rose
​SERT (Learning Centre)
​M. Davidson
​S. Beaudoin
​SERT​C. Warner
​SAS-E​E. Grimes
​Clerk Steno​T. Groisman
Clerk Steno
​N. Garcia
Educational AssistantK. Noel
Educational AssistantK. Gentle
Educational Assistant​​A. Monks
Educational Assistant

​L. Markle

​Educational AssistantV. Fraser
​Chief Custodian​TBD
Custodian​​A. Lidster
Custodian​A. Prance
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